Miralon® Products for Heating Applications

Traditional heating products are inefficient, costly to run, and take a significant amount of time to reach the desired level of comfort.  This is because they heat via convection, which works by heating the air around you. Nanocomp’s flexible and lightweight solution for heating applications, made with Miralon sheets, heats the object directly utilizing far infrared energy and thus is more efficient and quicker to impart warmth. 


Why Miralon FAR Infrared Heating?

Transmission spectrum.jpg

  • Human skin absorbs heat predominantly because of its ~80% water content. 
  • Far Infrared is the most biologically significant wavelength* for heat absorption. Designing a heater that peaks in these wavelengths  translates to more effective heating.
  • Miralon emits ~85% of light energy in the 7,000 - 14,000nm wavelength.

Miralon offers a high-efficiency solution without the limitations of conventional materials which require elements to be heated to very high temperatures to allow effective heating at a distance.  Miralon generates IR in the perfect range to heat people, not spaces or rooms, providing personalized comfort and efficient task heating. 

Heating solutions made with Miralon are nearly instant on and not hot to the touch making them suitable for a wide variety of radiant and contact heating applications for the residential, commercial and automotive sectors.

Radiant Heating
  • New, integrated, and retro-fit heating panelsradiantheat.jpg
  • Low thermal mass - can touch without risk of burn
  • Instant on & off
  • No noise, no fans
  • Unobtrusive, easily integrates into modern designs, providing design freedom
  • Potential for substantial facility energy savings.
Contact Heating 
  • Flexible, ruggedContact Heatingjpeg.jpg
  • Ultra-thin offering design freedom
  • High surface area - higher efficiency and lower system temperatures
  • Speed to heat and comfort - 3x - 8x faster than traditional heating solutions
  • No noise


    *Peter Schroeder, Judith Haendeler, Jean Krutmann, The role of near infrared radiation in photoaging of the skin, Experimental Gerontology, Volume 43, Issue 7, July 2008, Pages 629-632, ISSN 0531- 5565, Soyun Cho, Mi Hee Shin, Yeon Kyung Kim, Jo-Eun Seo, Young Mee Lee, Chi-Hyun Park and Jin Ho Chung, Effects of Infrared Radiation and Heat on Human Skin Aging in vivo, Journal of Investigative Dermatology Symposium Proceedings (2009) 14, 15–19;

Miralon Heating Solutions
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