Electrically Conductive Compound Demand Grows

Posted by Joseph E. Johnson, PhD on Apr 15, 2016 1:49:09 PM

Dispersed Products Conductive Composites

“Demand grows for electrically conductive compounds”, Compounding World recently reported (Compounding World Magazine, April 2016, pp. 27-38.) Carbon “aggregates” (CarbonX), CNTs (Nanocyl) and carbon blacks (Imersys and Cabot Corp.) are detailed in an article discussing the replacement of carbon blacks with CNTs, where very low loadings, improved conductivity, and little change in other composite properties are key attributes. 

Conductivity_graph.pngCompounds made from MiralonTM Dispersed Products demonstrate superior properties (e.g. anti-static, static dissipative and conductivity) and performance in composites. Nanocomp's dispersed products are comprised of very long MWCNTs (~1mm) with large aspect ratios, enhancing these properties. 

In addition, Miralon sheets can be prepreg’d pellets.pngor filled with resins to create composite laminates (NASA’s Juno spacecraft launched in 2011).  

The use of Miralon Dispersed Products in polymers and some coatings is approved by the U.S. EPA.  Miralon sheets and yarns were classified a few years ago by the US EPA as articles (manufactured items that are not subject to CDR reporting).




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