Welcome to Nanocomp!

Posted by Michael Gurau on Mar 12, 2014 1:25:00 PM

In its tenth year, Nanocomp is solving structural, thermal and electrical problems using its sheets, tapes, and yarns. These macro-structures are made from the world's longest, safest and highest performing carbon nanotubes (CNTs), which are considered the strongest, lightest and most conductive fiber known. Having spent its first decade qualifying its materials in space, aviation and ballistic armor (which it continues to do), the Company is starting to scale to support volumes and costs that enable widespread adoption for transportationenergy, electronics, ballistic protection, and consumer products.  Nanocomp's historic innovation could save lives with ballistic and flame protection solutions, protect electronic systems from electromagnetic radiation, and save money by reducing weight in air, space and auto.

Over the coming blog posts, the Company will bring you insight into products, applications, and customer stories.  You'll also get a sense for what makes the Company unique and why some of the world's largest chemical, material, electronics, and industrial companies are evaluating and qualifying Nanocomp's materials to solve problems presented by metal, carbon and polymer composite incumbent materials. Be sure to subscribe to email updates so you will have access to new information as soon as it is published.