Miralon® Pulp

Miralon Pulp is a carbon-based additive that can be integrated into various resin and epoxy systems to enhance material properties. Manufactured via chemical vapor deposition and dispersion processes, the resulting carbon fibrils are porous bundles approximately 0.05mm in diameter and 1mm in length.  Miralon pulp has been proven to enhance thermoplastic and thermoset resins, polymer fiber reinforced composites, coatings, and adhesives.


  • Low loading percentages (<1% for electrical and <10% for mechanical)
  • Easier processability
  • Preservation of base material properties
  • Provide EMI/ESD shielding to historically “mechanical-only” products
  • Increased strength and stiffness
  • Chemical and environmental resistance
  • Enhanced adhesion

Potential Applications:

  • Additive for thermoplastic and thermosetting resin systems
  • EMI & ESD protection in plastics, coatings, and adhesives
  • Stiffness and reinforcement modifier
  • Elongation and ductility modifier
  • Additive for environmental & chemical protection (scratch, corrosion and UV resistance, thermal shielding, etc.) i
  • Material for additive technology and 3-D Printing




Download Miralon Pulp Product Information Sheet