Miralon® Products for Electrical Applications

Thinner, lighter and more flexible solutions are continuously being sought out to replace incumbent materials in electrical applications. Complex system geometries requiring tight bend radii and repetitive flexing continue to prove challenging for traditional copper constructions. Miralon products are uniquely positioned to address issues of weight and flexure while demonstrating exceptional electrical performance and operating with impunity in radiation, salt, moisture or corrosive conditions and will not fatigue fracture even at cryogenic temperatures.

Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) Shielding

For shielding at a reduced thickness and weight, the use of Miralon products offer key
benefits over traditional solutions. A single layer of Miralon, at only 30-50 microns thick, can offerEMI_shielding.jpg <40dB of shielding at frequencies from 200MHz to greater than 40GHz.  Miralon sheets can be composited or applied as a surface veil with other structural material to allow easy incorporation into complex designs. Miralon dispersed products can also be incorporated into various resin systems offering EMI shielding and other electrical capabilities to historically “mechanical-only” products.  Loading percentages can be varied, offering the opportunity to “dial-in” desired electrical properties.

Miralon tape has proven successful when used as a wrap for conductors, replacing traditional, heavy metal braids.  This tape is able to provide a durable and flexible EMI shielding component with weight savings up to 50%.

Core Conductor for Data Transmission

When weight and durability are critical, core conductor made from Miralon yarn is an effective replacement for incumbent materials in applications less than 30 meters. Designs for higher frequency, moving towards extremely high frequency applications, demonstrate improved data ThinWire._0056.jpgtransmission efficiency compared to incumbent materials, with the cross over occurring at approximately 30GHz. Being able to support tighter bend radii than other materials, conductors made with Miralon also have an exceedingly high flexure life providing great advantage where continuous flex is required. A Miralon-based core conductor is also well-suited for applications with high vibration or mechanical motion due to its durability and ability to maintain signal integrity in these environments or applications in extreme temperature conditions (both very high and very low) where Miralon maintains flexibility and mechanical robustness. Replacing the conductor alone yields approximately a 40% weight savings over copper, while replacing the conductor and EMI shield with Miralon reduces weight up to 70%. 

Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) Protection

Miralon sheets can also provide ESD protection in various systems. The sheets can be applied in similar methods as used for EMI shielding, offering a light weight solution capable of withstanding extreme environments. Miralon dispersed products, incorporated at very low loadings (<0.10%), achieve equivalent ESD protection to competitive materials with loadings of 5-10%.  This results in solutions where the electrical requirements are easily achieved with little to no impact on the mechanical properties of the base resin system.

Material Availability

Miralon sheets for electrical applications are available with standard areal densities of 12 and 25 grams per square meter, can be post-processed for specific applications, and are easily incorporated into existing manufacturing lines.

The Miralon yarn base product is a single-ply of 10 tex (10 grams/km) yarn with an diameter of ~150 microns.  Yarns can be plied into various AWG equivalents, and are available in customer-specified lengths.

Dispersed products are currently available in limited kg batch quantities in a dry pulp format, with capacity expansions that will enable tonnage quantities over the next 18 months.  Other formats such as master batch (at various loading percentages) and 3-D printing filament are able to be produced on-site in evaluation quantities. Nanocomp is actively developing partnerships within the plastics and additives communities to facilitate dispersed products processing solutions. Miralon dispersed products can be processed via industry standard methods of injection and compression molding techniques.

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