Miralon® Heating is unlike traditional space heaters that spread dust and allergens. It heats people and not spaces - precisely directing infrared energy in the form of heat without the use of fans, making it cleaner and more efficient.

There is a risk of injury when touching any heater, including Miralon Radiant Heaters. However, Miralon heaters operate at lower temperatures and lower watt density than other heaters, making them safer to the touch and minimizing risk of injury through accidental contact.

Miralon heating units begin emitting heat energy immediately. After about 2 minutes, the heat will be at a steady state.
The distance the heat radiates is dependent on many factors including the size and wattage of the radiant panel. In general, the panel should be placed within six feet of humans to provide adequate heating.

As with all heaters, it is recommended that you not touch the Miralon radiant heating panel during operation. While Miralon heaters run at significantly lower temperatures than conventional space heaters, they can still cause injury. 

Miralon heating panels should also be kept away from children and pets. Seek immediate medical care for any injuries related to the use of Miralon radiant panels. Finally, as with all electrical appliances, do not use if the electrical cord or connections appears damaged. 

Miralon radiant heating panels use less energy than conventional space heaters. In one study, a 600W radiant panel was compared to a 900W conventional space heater. The Miralon panel was found to use 30% less energy and was 40% more efficient in heating a black body object at the same distance.

Miralon Heaters are testing to our internal quality specifications. We are currently in the process of achieving ETL certification.

Far infrared (FIR) is a region in the infrared spectrum, with wavelengths of ~3 microns to ~14 microns. 

FIR energy is literally in everyone and everything. If humans could see all parts of the light spectrum, they would see that almost everything around them, including people, exhibits an infrared glow. Far infrared energy is best absorbed by people, primarily due to the 70% water content of the skin. Water is heated most efficiently beginning at 3 microns, which is the beginning of the FIR range, and extending throughout
the far infrared band.



Yes, multiple studies have shown that far infrared heating is safe. In some cases, FIR heaters (including far infrared saunas) are used for therapeutic purposes.   Did you know hospitals have long utilized infrared heating to keep newborns warm without stifling them? Read more about far infrared safety.