Miralon® Products in Future Applications

The applications for Nanocomp’s Miralon family of products are only limited by your imagination. In addition to the markets and applications we are currently focused on, new applications are being investigated and validated. Some of the most promising ones are outlined below.


For flexible batteries, Miralon could provide exciting new possibilities. Both Miralon sheet and dispersed products could be used in their development. Sheets are proving to be an efficient current collector and can be used as both the cathode and anode. Dispersed products can be a conductive additive for the coated active material of the battery systems while enhancing mechanical strength and thermal conductivity. Another advantage of Miralon is that it has a very high surface area allowing the incorporation of the active materials into the electrode, vital to the creation of 3D batteries.

Smart Textiles

Miralon yarn is conductive, lightweight, flexible and non-corrosive – ideal properties for smart textile applications such as embedded communications, heating, and sensing. With the unique ability to radiate heat, and transmit power and data while capable of being stitched or woven into a textile, Miralon is ideally suited for the next generation of smart textiles.


Miralon products offer a much higher surface area than most traditional materials.  This, combined with a unique porous structure, allows Miralon to act as a membrane for various functions, such as filters, catalytic scaffolding, and semi-permeable films. 

Cut Protection

There is also the potential of inserting Miralon products into cut protection applications, such as gloves and work wear, yielding a lighter-weight more flexible solution when produced with Miralon yarn.


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