Miralon® Products for Heating Applications

Miralon® Heating is enabled by an advanced carbon-based material that is ultra-light, flexible, and durable. Design-friendly, it is a fast, safe and efficient heating solution that heats the person not the space, saving money and energy.Laminate

Traditional heating products are inefficient, costly to run, and take a significant amount of time to reach the desired level of comfort.  This is because they heat via convection, which works by heating the air around you. Miralon Heating heats the object directly utilizing far infrared energy and, as a result, is quicker to impart warmth.


Why Miralon FAR Infrared Heating?

Miralon Heating products emit far infrared (FIR) energy in the wavelength of 3-10 microns. It is in this range that water is heated most efficiently. Since human skin is nearly 70% water, Miralon heating provides a soothing heat that is readily absorbed by the body's thermoreceptors.

FIR Chart

Miralon heating offers a high-efficiency solution without the limitations of conventional materials which require elements to be heated to very high temperatures to allow effective heating at a distance.  Miralon generates IR in the perfect range to heat people, not spaces or rooms, providing personalized comfort and efficient task heating. 

Heating solutions made with Miralon are nearly instant on and not hot to the touch making them suitable for a wide variety of radiant and contact heating applications for the residential, commercial and automotive sectors.

ApplicationsRadiant Heating
  • Design freedom - low profile
  • Comfortable, safe heat
  • Lower operating temperatures
  • Instant "on" / instant "off"
  • Energy efficient
  • Quiet - no noise, no fans
  • Invisible - no harsh, bright glow
Contact Heating 
  • Flexible, rugged
  • Ultra-thin and flexible offering design freedom
  • Higher efficiency and lower system temperatures
  • Speed to heat and comfort - 3x - 8x faster than traditional heating solutions
Miralon Heating Solutions
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