Miralon® Products for Industrial Applications 

Many industrial products are being impacted by the market trends of miniaturization, mobility, and ruggedization. Using Miralon® products in industrial applications can address issues of weight, strength, and flexure while demonstrating exceptional electrical performance, all while operating with impunity in radiation, salt, moisture, extreme temperature or corrosive conditions. Miralon carbon nanotube based advanced materials enable innovative solutions and design freedom for many existing and emerging industrial applications. 

Engineered Components

In composite applications, the porous, interconnected nature of Miralon sheets and yarn allowiStock_000024001156_Full.jpg them to be bonded to other materials and create a “bone-and-muscle” effect, enhancing the mechanical, electrical and thermal properties of many thermosets and thermoplastic polymer matrices used in standard composite systems. Miralon yarn can also be configured into a uni-directional tape for composite applications.  With continuous operating temperatures above 250°C, adding Miralon to a composite design can also protect it from thermal stresses, making it a smart choice for physical placement near high heat sources such as an engine.

Additives for Plastics, Coatings & Adhesives

To enhance strength and stiffness, Miralon dispersed products can be added to industry standard thermoplastic and thermoset resin systems, typically by compounding or extrusion iStock_000014241162_Double.jpgprocessing. The carbon nanotube bundles, when integrated into a system, acts as a reinforcement, providing enhanced mechanical properties. These same CNT bundles can be dispersed into epoxy and coating systems offering electrical, mechanical and corrosion resistance performance enhancements.


Miralon sheets can also be used in the development of indoor and outdoor Far Infrared (FIR) heating systems.  The sheets, when charged, emit FIR energy in the same wavelength region that the human body emits, supplying a comfortable, even heat directly to the body. Since FIR heating solutions directly heat an object rather than warming the air around it, it is a far more efficient system than tradition convection heating methods.


Applications for Miralon within Industrial markets extend beyond composites, additives, and heating. For emerging battery applications, Miralon sheets, and dispersed products provide exciting new possibilities. Sheets are proving to be an efficient current collector and can be used as both the cathode and anode. Dispersed products can be a conductive additive for the coated active material of the battery system while enhancing mechanical strength and thermal conductivity.

Miralon products offer a much higher surface area than most traditional materials.  This, combined with a unique porous structure, allows Miralon to act as a membrane for various functions, such as filters, catalytic scaffolding, and semi-permeable films.    

The chemical and environmental resistance, as well as the very broad operating temperature, make Miralon an excellent choice for many aggressive industrial environments.



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