Material Science Professional Services

For more than a decade, Nanocomp has built a world-class team of materials experts. Our interdisciplinary team of chemists, physicists, mechanical engineers, quality engineers, application engineers, and technicians are available to help address your material development and analysis needs. Nanocomp's 60,000 square foot facility houses a wide array of latest generation test equipment to perform in-house analysis and characterization of your materials. 

How We Work

Nanocomp works in concert with your product management, engineering, and quality staff as an extension of your operation. We provide both on-premise consultation at your facility and in-house services at Nanocomp. Our on premise services are provided in the Boston-North geography, generally within a 40-mile radius of Merrimack, NH. The team-based approach means we apply the right talent for the problem at hand, from PhD level analysis and guidance to technicians performing analytical and material testing. 

Our Services Include

  • Research and development
  • Analysis
  • Manufacturing process development & transfer
  • Quality system development & transfer
  • Nanomaterials health & safety

Research and Development

Nanocomp's Miralon® carbon nanotube (CNT) products are applicable across a broad spectrum of use cases from demanding space systems to industrial applications. This means our team has exposure to, and brings experience from, a number of areas including - mechanical structures, batteries, heating, corrosion resistance, ballistic impact, electrical conduction, radiation shielding, thermal protection, EMI/ESD shielding, conductive adhesives, additives, and the list goes on. 

Nanocomp also has skills with formulating products, which applies both to Miralon and other novel materials including polymer composites, coatings, resins, concentrates, and masterbatches. The R&D team has extensive knowledge of solvent systems, adjuvants such as surfactants and dispersants, and preventing flocculation and aggregation. We also understand proper mixing, product stability, thermoset processing, and a variety of techniques to apply coatings or form composite structures. 


Nanocomp can provide advanced imaging, compositional analysis, material characterization, specimen preparation, reliability, and accelerated aging services. Our staff have backgrounds in gravimetric analysis, electrochemistry, surface characterization (chemisorption, physiorption, and surface area), spectroscopic analysis, and chromatography. Click here for a list of Nanocomp's in house test equipment.

Manufacturing Process Development

Depending on the chemistry and manufacturing process, Nanocomp has the ability to help take your material from design to first articles. Novel materials often require new machinery and instrumentation to produce and measure the material. Nanocomp has a highly experienced mechanical engineering team and limited in-house fabrication capabilities to help realize these new processes.  We can help develop your manufacturing process and associated instrumentation and ultimately transfer that knowledge and equipment to your scaled operation. We have demonstrated these skills with our Miralon product line which required innovation from the ground up in terms of hardware, processes for manufacture, and custom instrumentation for quality. 

Quality System Development and Transfer

Nanocomp has an experienced team of quality system managers, engineers, and technicians who can develop a quality system from the ground up or help augment your existing quality team. In addition to developing the key metrics and test methods, our team also considers larger issues such as cost of quality, scalability, and end-of-product-life implications. 

The heart of any quality system is the metrology needed to ensure reproducibility and reliability. In nanotechnology, such metrology had been non-existent so Nanocomp redesigned existing tests or equipment and even developed new techniques and hardware to verify product and process consistency. Leveraging this background, we are able to validate statistically operating procedures to check quality in everything from raw materials through first articles that replicate performance in customers' end use applications. 

Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S)

Nanocomp has performed groundbreaking work in the field of nanomaterial safety to ensure that our Miralon products can be used responsibly throughout their lifecycle. From the point of manufacture through customer applications and disposal, Nanocomp has partnered with government regulators, academic researchers, and industrial consortia to develop a suite of measurement tools and safe use protocols and best practices. The solutions we have deployed internally can be applied and modified to your specific EH&S needs. 


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