Miralon® Sheet and Tape

Miralon sheet and tape products are pure carbon nanotube (CNT) non-woven materials that can be used in a variety of applications to lightweight and enhance product or system performance.  They are manufactured via chemical vapor deposition into the final product format, eliminating the need for binders or secondary processing steps.  They are composed of bundled CNTs hundreds of microns thick and millimeters long.  Miralon sheet and tape formats have successfully been used in aerospace, electrical, and structural applications.


  • Strong, lightweight, flexible
  • Electrically conductive
  • Good in-plane thermal conductivity, low thru-plane thermal conductivity
  • Conformal
  • Chemically and environmentally resistant
  • Near zero coefficient of thermal expansion, similar to graphite and carbon fiber


  • Honeycomb core structures
  • Ballistics
  • Composites
  • Far infrared heating solutions
  • EMI & ESD protection
  • Wire and cable shielding
  • Environmental protection (corrosion and UV resistance, thermal shielding, etc.)
  • Filtration

Individual non-woven sheets are available up to 54” wide and 8’ long. They can also be slit down into tape as narrow as ¼” and, using a proprietary seaming process, Miralon sheets and tapes can be delivered in lengths up to 1000’.  These products are available with standard areal densities of 12 and 25 grams per square meter and can be post-processed for specific applications. Miralon sheets can be prepregged with a variety of resin systems or infiltrated with various polymer systems to better suit your application, all with industry standard equipment.

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