Miralon® for Structural Applications

When weight and strength matter, Miralon® is the solution. Miralon products are ultra-light weight and have up to a 10X higher strain-to-failure than carbon fiber composites, offering unique solutions to many design issues. The inherent electrical and thermal conductivity yields a multifunctional solution which can mitigate EMI and ESD concerns, while allowing for faster heat dissipation when considering use in mechanical designs.

Honeycomb Panels

Honeycomb panels are made up a core and two facesheets. Honeycomb core is the structural
component of the panel. The facesheets on each side of the core are high stiffness materials that serve to iStock_000024001192_Full.jpgadd rigidity to the structure. Using Miralon sheets as the honeycomb core material offers a 3-5X increase in stiffness and a 2-3X increase in compression strength over incumbent systems. Miralon can also be composited to serve as the facesheets to create an all-CNT solution. This solution provides significant weight savings in structures without suffering from environmental corrosion challenges. Honeycomb panels made from Miralon can lightweight a solution with a near zero CTE, reducing many of the design constraints of current products and lowering system costs.


Composites are two or more materials with distinctly different physical or chemical properties layered together in a way that they enhance the performance of one another in a system. The porous, interconnected nature of Miralon sheets and yarn allow them to be bonded to other materials and create a “bone-and-muscle” effect, enhancing the mechanical, electrical and thermal properties of many thermoset and thermoplastic polymer matrices used in standard composite systems. Miralon yarn can also be configured into a uni-directional tape for composite applications. Adding Miralon to a composite design can also protect it from thermal stresses, making it smart choice for physical placement near high heat sources such as an engine.


To enhance strength and stiffness, Miralon  dispersed products can be added to industry
iStock_000014712359_Double_web.jpgstandard thermoplastic and thermoset resin systems, typically by compounding or extrusion processing. The carbon nanotube bundles, when integrated into a system, act as a reinforcement, providing enhanced mechanical properties. These bundles can also offer multi-functionality, adding electrical and thermal properties to the base system. 

Material Availability

Base sheets for structural applications are available with standard areal densities of 12 and 25 grams per square meter, and can be post-processed for specific applications. They are available as cut sheets or roll stock and can be prepregged with various resin systems for easy incorporation into existing manufacturing processes.

The Miralon yarn base product is a single-ply of 10 tex (10 grams/km) yarn with an diameter of ~150 microns.  Yarns can be plied into various configurations, are available in customer-specified lengths, and can be layed up to form uni-directional prepreg.

Dispersed products are currently available in limited kg batch quantities in a dry pulp format with capacity expansions that will enable tonnage quantities over the next 18 months.  Other formats such as master batch (at various loading percentages) and 3-D printing filament are able to be produced on-site in evaluation quantities. Nanocomp is actively developing partnerships within the plastics and additives communities to facilitate dispersed product processing solutions. Miralon dispersed products can be processed via industry standard methods of injection and compression molding techniques.

Using Yarn in a Mechanical Application?

Download Miralon Yarn for Mechanical Applications